Coaching Services

All coaching services are offered 1:1 via telephone or video chat.

Pre-conception coaching 

This might be for you if you’re currently trying to conceive or looking to begin trying to conceive in the next 3-12 months and are ready to set specific goals to prepare for pregnancy.

Fertility coaching

This might be for you if you have been trying to conceive for any amount of time, have experienced miscarriage or are working with medical fertility specialists. This type of support is a good fit if you are ready to set goals and take action on recommendations and counsel given from your health care team and optimize lifestyle interventions.

Fertility coaching PLUS

This option includes an evidence based 5 module course on preconception and fertility nutrition and lifestyle habits to optimize fertility, created by a clinical licensed nutritionist. This option is for you if you’re open to integrative and lifestyle options and ready to take action with support. 

Women’s integrative wellness coaching

This may be for you if you are on the journey to health using an integrative functional medicine (lifestyle and root cause) approach and need support to make changes and keep moving forward. Women seek this type of coaching to support health and wellness during pregnancy, pregnancy after loss, postpartum, perimenopausal or when looking to make changes due to other health concerns.


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